Minefield – mistakes, typos, errors – grammar faux pas and other heart-rending typographical errors you find



Okay. Let’s do this.



I didn’t write this. So funny ~ so… It’s “every day” for those that caught that little wonder there.
You spend too much time every day wondering why you’re not good enough. ♥

I self-publish.

Surprised? You knew? Good for you.

I did query traditional publishing for a year both before and after I won the Zola Award in July 2010 for Seeing Julia. That award opened many literary agent doors. I had at least ten different agents ask for the full MS of Seeing Julia. I queried big ones, famous ones, small ones, not-so-famous ones, hot and cold ones, snotty ones, not-so-snotty ones, non-responsive ones, responsive-but-weird ones, non-communicative ones, communicative-but-not-in-the-end ones, rude ones, polite ones, not-for-me-can’t-or-won’t-say-why ones. Agents. A lot. A three-ring binder notebook full of agents and queries via email, via self-addressed stamped letters, via voicemails, via phone calls (from them).) Promises all. Full manuscripts sent to many. It went like this: “If you change this or change that; maybe.” So I did. Seeing Julia was changed at least fifteen times based on the feedback I was getting.

Then, I waited. And waited. And waited some more.

Wrote another book and waited.

Checked the mailbox and waited. (Have I mentioned that I hate waiting? Hate it.)

After a while, I stepped back and assessed the situation. Grew older (read: cynical). Got wiser. (read: impatient). Got mad. (read: Damn-it-what-do-you-people want-from-me? full-0n anger). And I finally figured out that they (a collective industry in NYC) didn’t really know what they wanted. They wanted the same, but something different. And yet, they did not know how to articulate it or chose not to.

I realized that fear, uncertainty, and doubt may rule their universe, but it didn’t need to rule mine. Well, not in the sense of publishing/releasing something, writing is a completely separate topic. I digress.

My gratitude goes to J.A. Konrath and blogs like his for providing the impetus to move forward and away from traditional publishing and strike out on my own. Yay for KO!



That led to this: Four novels written and released in the last three years by yours truly. Yay for me. Yay for my readers. Yay for us all.


I’m not perfect. I do have my work edited, but stuff slips by all of us sometimes.

Thus, there is this little minefield of mistakes, typos, errors–those grammar faux pas and other heart-rending typographical errors–that I may not have caught.

Yeah. About that. If you see stuff, please reach out to via email at katherine@katherineowen.net and let me know the erroneous phrase by location number or page number of either your printed book or eBook. Please identify whether it’s in the print version or a Mobi/Kindle version or an ePub/eReader version (that’s everyone else: Kobo, Apple, B&N).  It would also be helpful to know when you purchased it because I may have uploaded a fresh edited version since then. AND if you want an updated version of the eBook with my corrections, I will happily send it to you for FREE. Just know that I try my utmost to catch all the errors as does my editor, but sometimes we don’t get them all. Thank you for your understanding but most of all thank you for reading my work anyway. #Loveit!

Yay! I appreciate you helping me get close to perfection, I really do. Thank you.


Kindest regards,





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