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“…I am surprised that this story hasn’t received more praise and has not left a dent in the world. When I compare some of the books I’ve enjoyed to this, I have to shake my head. I enjoy reading for entertainment and sometimes value fluff and sugar to keep me happy. This isn’t that kind of book. This is a story that will make you feel anxiety, make you feel sad, make you hope that they find a happily ever after. This is a book that grows hair on your chest and makes you look at your life. This is synonymous with this website’s name, it is a GoodRead…” Obsessed at Goodreads!

“I just finished reading Ms. Owen’s newest novel–in less than two days. I love this author’s writing style! Her books are well-written and extremely touching. When I start reading one of her books, I can’t seem to put it down until I finish it!” Emily Boursaw – Macktastic Blog

“…just when you think you know what’s next, The unexpected happens. Just wonderful Katherine Owen you did it again, I have read your Other books which were GREAT, but this one was the best. What a great read. I highly recommend this book you won’t be disappointed. What a great movie this one would be.” Gail Bedard

“I just finished this book last night after starting it in the morning! I would give it 4 1/2 stars-loved the story and it was so full of angst… I have read the other two books by this author and have really enjoyed them both! Will most definitely read other books by this author.” momlovestoread

 “This book is not a fast pace ‘on the edge of your seat’ mystery, not an erotica, no vampires or make believe animals this book. It’s simply an emotional roller coaster that I highly recommend to everyone…” JerseyGirl

“Very few writers have this gift of sweeping us the readers from our own life and actually plant us as silent observant in their book; feel the pain, joyfully laugh ; really feel and be part of the story. Taking the time to fill out every detail of the background, of every smallest angle in the story, like as if you are in a three dimension movie, engulfing all your senses..
Very few books capture you for weeks after you turned the last page and keep you wondering about the lives of the characters you have just been exposed to.
This book did all of that to me.” Rachel at Amazon

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