Book Club Discussion – When I See You


Book Club Discussion

When I See You

(There are spoilers in this discussion ~ please read the book first, before reading this section)

1) At the beginning of the book, it appears that there are things Brock sees and understands about Jordan that Ethan never has. When Brock says, “So he kind of ignores the tortured soul that you are,” it sparks a cascade of conflicting emotions for Jordan and unleashes all these insecurities about her relationship with Ethan. Can you see why that is? Now, that you’ve read When I See You, why do you think Brock is able to recognize this in her?

2) Do you think it’s possible to be in love with one person and fall in love with another? Do you think that’s what happens in this story between Jordan and Brock? Or, do you think Ethan’s selling of Jordan’s mother’s necklace is the ultimate betrayal and serves as the catalyst that allows her to move on from him to Brock? Or both?

3) Ethan kept much of his life in Austin from Jordan. Do you think this was intentional? Or, do you think, although they’d been married for almost four years, that they were apart so much of the time, they just didn’t know each other all that well?

4) Why do you think Brock chose to return to Afghanistan? What do you think he’s really running from?

5) The story doesn’t really address Jordan’s heartbreak after losing Max, beyond what Brock learns from Kate’s detective work about Jordan’s whereabouts, but, do you, as a reader, have a good sense of how she was coping with all of that? Why do you think she finally returned to Malibu?

6) Who is more together when Brock and Jordan reunite in L.A.? Brock or Jordan? Why do you think that?

7) Jordan is surrounded by a number of people who love and care about her, Ashleigh and Liz, for example. Who do you think is more grounded between those two? Ashleigh or Liz? Jordan has also had these two as friends longer than she’s known Ethan. Do you have friends like that? Ones you can count on through any crisis? Do you think these two help Jordan cope with loss? In different ways? Do you think they represent family to her?

8) Jordan is immediately embraced by Brock’s family, especially his mother, Janie Wainwright, and his twin sister, Diana. Do you think they recognize the connection between Brock and Jordan early on? Do you think this is another factor that draws Jordan to Brock? Why? Or, why not? Henry Wainwright is the quiet character in this story. Yet, he plays this subtle role in the changes we eventually see in Brock. Do you think he subconsciously endorsed Brock’s relationship with Jordan before his death?

8) Doctor Major Kate Richards serves as the antagonist in the story. Why do you think Brock continues to pursue a friendship quasi relationship with this woman? Why do you think Kate attempts to save him from himself in the end?

9) The last scene of the book brings together these two after their heartbreaking personal journeys. Do you think they know enough about themselves and each other, now, to make their relationship work?

10) Brock finally keeps his promise to her—to stay and never leave. Do you think he’s changed? Who do you think has changed the most in this story, Brock or Jordan? Did the last test on their relationship surprise you? Did you like the way it ended?