What You Can Do

What You Can Do… If you find you love my work, I would be grateful if you would share your thoughts about the novel(s) at the online retailer where you purchased the book/eBook. Reviews help other readers decide if my novels are for them. If you’re unsure what to say in a review, check out some of the general questions I always ask after I finish a book and want to share my thoughts or write a review.

These are questions/writing prompts I like to consider about the novel after I finish:

  • What was the book about? Was it love at its best or worst? I attempt to describe the story’s major theme and main characters without getting into the details. 
  • What are the novel’s basic themes?
  • What was the writing style like? Hard to follow? Easy to read? Engaging? 
  • Who would you recommend read this novel?
  • How did you feel about the book? What did it make you think of as you were reading it?
  • Can you summarize what happened in the book and what you think it means (without spoilers)?
  • What did you love about the novel? What didn’t you like about it? And, why?
  • Would you recommend this book to others? Why? Or, why not?

All reviews are helpful to a reader, even lower star reviews help a reader decide one way or the other about my work. That’s what it’s all about.  If you don’t want to share a review, you can also log on to various online book retailers websites and like the reviews that match your thoughts/opinions about the book(s). Voting on a review (yes or no) can be just as helpful to me, as the writer, as well as the other readers considering my work. So, thanks! If you decide to share your thoughts about my work just know I appreciate it so much!