The Valentine’s Day Blog Tour is all week long for This Much Is True


I’ve had a spectacular run with This Much Is True. To that end, I did book this tour the week of Valentine’s Day because

1) For once, I was organized and thought far enough ahead.

2) I’ve worked with Giselle at Xpresso Book Tours before; and she is amazing. To see the complete list of blogs for this tour, click the photo.

3) The book actually centers around Valentine’s Day in the opening scene as well as a few others throughout so the correlation with the holiday holds significance in a profound way. No spoilers here for those that haven’t picked up the book yet.

4) There’s a giveaway of the eBook but also a signed paperback (U.S. only) even international (but no siggy)! So? Comment on the various blogs and enter for a chance to win!!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


For Amazon/Kindle Readers, click HERE to be taken to your particular country for the eBook version of This Much Is True.  Other links for the book? HERE.


In other news, did you know that I’m writing a second book about Linc & Tally? Yes, the Truth In Lies series has come into being. I know, I know, you know how I feel about series. Well, these will be complete stories. This second one will not be as long, just one book, instead of two books in one. Expect a release this summer. Want to be first and not last in knowing when the second book comes out? Sign up for my newsletter. I only send this out for new releases because my act is not that together to do more than that yet (most likely ever).

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