Inspirational scene reminiscent of Seeing Julia




“He’s a Greek god, not entirely real, certainly privileged, and utterly fantastic. All I know is time spins on, and eternity doesn’t apply to me, the mere mortal, standing next to him…” quote from Chapter Nine ~ novel, Seeing Julia, by Katherine Owen.

Pictured: Henry Cavill, actor.


  • Virginia Llorca
    5 years ago

    I see you think of your characters much as I do mine–that they are quite real. I see photos and think of them as you must have when you saw this. I think it is much as I pictured him in Seeing Julia.

    Congrats on the great rating. I only achieve that with freebies. Tell me more about those classifications as I am not comfortable with my choices.

    • admin
      5 years ago

      Hi Virginia,

      Thanks for the note! Seeing Julia was my debut novel and I suppose in the two years I worked on it; the characters became very real. LOL! I send you an email about the categories.



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