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How many books are in the Truth In Lies Series?

There are three full-length books: This Much Is True, The Truth About Air & Water, and Tell Me Something True.

Will there be any more books about Linc and Tally in this series? Please say, Yes!

There have been a lot of requests for more of these two. I left the ending in the TMST open enough so that IF I get inspired I will have room to write more about these two characters. But for now? The trilogy is finished.

What makes you write such dark, emotional love stories?

I have always been an empathetic person and I think this comes through in my writing. Love is complicated and so are relationships. Plus, the wisdom I have gained in life as well as the experiences either with myself or people I know is what I draw from for my story lines. I am a romantic at heart, but I see the reality of life too, and I try to combine those in the stories I write. My writing is not light trope romance, but my following seems to get that about me and my work.

What are you writing next?

Saving Valentines 2017 release

Other Works-In-Progress

Another Untitled WIP

Lettie (tentative title) WIP

How did you learn to write? Did you take writing courses?

I’ve been in love with words since the first grade. I won a poetry contest when I was fourteen, and I majored in editorial journalism-communication with a minor in English in college.

I ended up not liking journalism all that much, so I went on to have a stellar career in high tech sales and embarked upon a career writing full-time in mid-2009 when I was laid off from my last high-tech sales job. For the first few years, I took multiple writing courses with The Writers Studio to get my writing up to speed. (I highly recommend their courses. Their teaching staff is fantastic, and the peer reviews from other writers are invaluable.)

Do you think you would ever write a book with another author?

I think I am too disorganized to ever collaborate with another author. My process is far too wieldy… Additionally, I am a control freak so I don’t really see collaboration working on any level.

Speaking of process…How do you write? What is your process?

You would think in writing my seventh novel that I would have this down, but it appears every book is different. I do start out with a general idea of where the story will go, but then the characters take over and take me where they want to go. I do have timelines (in Excel) and I have done outlines for some of my books, but I would classify myself as an organic writer with a desire for structure. Do with that answer what you will.

What should we know about your writing style?

I write pretty dark stuff. I will make you cry. My story lines will twist you up and tear you apart and you will wonder if there will ever be a happy ending. I love dialog. I love impossible situations. My heroes tend to be great and my heroines tend to be fucked up.

And, I like that word–the f-word. Get used to it or don’t read my stuff.

Also, I am not a fast writer. My plots are twisty and it takes time to think them through. You’ll get one book a year from me if things are going great. I wish I wrote faster, but then again I would be a completely different person if I did that.

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