Start where you are. Use What you have. Do What you can.  Love this!!

When I See You hits #1 in American Drama on Amazon

Ereader News Today featured When I See You as a Bargain Book yesterday (and, she still is…) So. She hit #1 on the Kindle Best Sellers List for American Drama (an eclectic category from Shakespeare to contemporary – think of the island of misfit toys only in the liteary sense of stories) early this morning and…

A Trampire and Saying Something

I saw this article a few months ago and made a comment. I’d never commented on Huffington Post before but I felt a need to make a point so I signed up. Now, some 140 fans later and counting. Here’s the article. Read it. Then, I’ve included my comment below. KatherineOwen01 (me) “If Hollywood…

The reason

  True. So true.                                             All copyrights observed/attributed to the original poster on Tumblr.


This Much Is True for the above and also the name of my upcoming novel. <sigh>