About that work-in-progress…Summer

About that work-in-progress…Summer

Writing is like a New Year’s Resolution for me. It all sounds good when you’re peering into the future and promising yourself and others you’ll do this or that. It goes like this: This time (this year) I’m going to get prolific with my writing. I’ll write faster. I’ll use structure. I’ll follow the Hero’s Journey. I’ll get it done in less time. I’ll write more. I’ll write faster, better, often.enhanced-13620-1395329452-3


Writing is a solitary affliction. Too many interruptions by everyday life happenings can wreak havoc on the flow. Writers throughout time talk about this. Some writers are disciplined. Some writers are not.

I’m not. The thing is I have to be inspired by the story. I need time in my head to figure it all out, too. None of that has been happening often enough and in acceptable time chunks for the past several months when it comes to finishing Tell Me Something True. I have eight beginnings. Eight. I think I can live with one of them. And, of course, it was one of the first ones I wrote. In any case, I am seriously behind with this third book.

So here I am.

I really thought I’d be done with Tell Me Something True by the end of May. This past January that seemed so doable. Even two weeks ago, it seemed doable.

The reality is…

It’s not. 

11021274_1083545961662233_1013955432477100201_nIn my desperate search for getting inspired and writing more prolifically or otherwise, I recently re-read Dwight W. Swain’s book on writing. In the very last chapter he espoused some writerly advice including this little gem: Be your own counsel.

He went on to say this: “Don’t talk about your work to anyone. Just write. Talking about your work will have those you tell judging it and this will happen too soon, and the work will not get done.”

That’s true. That is what happens.

In taking Mr. Swain’s sage advice “to be my own counsel”. I’ve decided to take the summer to finish Tell Me Something True and really concentrate on the work, so if you don’t hear from me as often that’s why. The thing is I just really want to get back to the love I have for writing. So. Now, you know where I’m coming from. My counsel says this is a fine idea. I hope you think so, too.





  • Lou
    1 year ago

    SPOILER: So I started reading your books through Bookbub- This much is true- and I was instantly hooked! I literally read all three within 3 days. I thought my heart would stop when I read the final one. I was truly in a depressive state. I understand why you did it, although, I wish you wouldn’t have. It’s something soo horrific , it’s taboo to even think of, let alone write down in words and make real. Thank you for the happy ending, I seriously would have stopped reading your books if it hadn’t have been happy. I really wanted Tally to be pregnant at the end, I feel like you hinted to the fact with her eating habits, but you never confirmed it at the end. Can you write a fourth pls with her pregnant pls??????or a spin off about Sam or Rob with a mention of how amazing Tally’s life is with her husband and Twins????? Just a thought:) life is hard and gut wrenching at times, reading a good book doesn’t need to be. A reprieve pls!! Happy thoughts! And stop killing off sooooo many!!!! Xoxoxo

    • Katherine Owen
      1 year ago

      Thanks for reading the books! I know it’s hard to see their story come to an end. I miss them, too. We shall see what inspires me with them in the future. Thanks for the suggestions by the way. Right now, I’m working on a standalone novel titled Saving Valentines. Look for that one in 2016. Thanks for reading! Join my mailing list if you haven’t already to keep up to date on news and novel release dates. Best, Katherine

  • Bethany
    2 years ago

    I’ve only read one of your books so far as I’ve recently discovered BookBub and it was a free read. Tell Me Something True, I believe it was. Hope that’s right. It’s probably been over a month or more since I’ve read it, but it still echoes around in my brain. The feelings, the characters, the choices made. I think it’s the best thing I’ve read in a long time. So thank you for being a writer. 🙂

    • Katherine Owen
      2 years ago

      Thank you for being a reader. I think you must have read This Much Is True because that novel was recently featured on BookBub in April. Tell Me Something True will be the third book about Linc & Tally and is the one I’m releasing late this summer. I’m glad you liked the story line about these two. Thanks for stopping by, too, Bethany.

      Katherine Owen

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