A Trampire and Saying Something

I saw this article a few months ago and made a comment. I’d never commented on Huffington Post before but I felt a need to make a point so I signed up. Now, some 140 fans later and counting. Here’s the article. Read it. Then, I’ve included my comment below.


KatherineOwen01 (me)

“If Hollywood were like the rest of the corporate world, dear Rupert would be worrying about a sexual harassment lawsuit for his behavior as it would be construed to be a superior to a subordinate kind of situation and he would be in a world of hurt, the least of which would be losing his “job”. THAT aside, Kristen is 22, God help her if she’s figured it all out at that youthful age. I’m not sure I agree it was a bad decision on her part to be with Rupert. She has right to explore the possibilities, something we are not privy to…the promises Rupert was making. I’m sad for her–that she has been treated so badly–not just over this episode, but the years of rapid abuse from supposed Twilight fans, who, in their ignorance, hate her just for being her and having Rob. Whatever. Live your life, Kristen, it’s a long road. Embrace it how you find it.”

The one thing I don’t like about Huffington Post is you can’t go in and edit. So where it says rapid fans…it should be rabid fans. I know. Just sayin’…


  • VirginiaLlorca
    4 years ago

    ” The Madonna” . Thanks autocorrect.

  • VirginiaLlorca
    4 years ago

    When they mentioned Chris Brown I started to get hot under the collar all over. I was slammed for having my leads sleep with “everyone”. Three people two of whom were husbands at different times. I think it is part of theadonna complex thing. At some level, perhaps unconscious, men need their women to be pure.

    • admin
      4 years ago

      I know. I don’t normally go off about this stuff, but I couldn’t believe the backlash. Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Keep writing!! xo KO

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