A little Q & A about This Much Is True – A Novel

This Much Is TrueThis Much Is True by Katherine Owen

A few questions and answers about my latest novel release This Much Is True

Q.This Much Is True handles some pretty heavy subject manner. How did you get into the mindset to handle writing about such controversial stuff?

A. I was inspired to write a novel where fate and circumstances keep two people apart and the innocent telling of lies by one of them leads to an eventual unraveling of the relationship and virtually keeps them apart. I eventually wrote This Much Is True keeping these themes in mind.

Q. There’s a new sub-category out there in the book world called New Adult Fiction. Would you classify This Much Is True in that category?

A. I think This Much Is True can play in this arena, but if you’re looking for the bad boy with numerous tattoos and lots of racy sex scenes, you’ll be disappointed. This story is about two people who find each other, lose each other, and must slowly make their way back to one another. The character arcs for both Tally and Linc are slow in, well, arcing, but they’re there. I’m happy with how the story turned out, but this isn’t your predictable read. New Adult Fiction centers on characters that are coming of age when they first leave home and experience their first loves. I think This Much Is True fits that criteria, but this is a deeper story than most of what I’ve read in the category. Additionally, there are no vampires, no shape shifters, no bad boys, no tattoos; This Much Is True is just a story about love, and loss, and starting over, and how fate intervenes. You know my usual stuff.

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