A 5-Star Review of The Sea of Tranquility & other updates


It’s been a busy week of completing projects. As you can see, the web site is updated. I read two more novels and started a third The Bronze Horseman which is just getting good. Finally, I completed a long overdue review of The Sea of Tranquility. It’s posted here at my “writer’s blog”.

Most important of all, I’ve made a lot of forward progress with This Much Is True. It’s getting close to feeling finished and I like where the story is going. I think I’m leaning towards one long book instead of two. I’m not a series gal…it would seem. How about you? Do you like cliffhangers and series books? I tend to wait to read all the books in a series at once because I don’t like waiting. How about you? Same thoughts?

I’ve had a few requests as of late asking if there will be another book with When I See You. Would you like to see more of Jordan and Brock? Yes? No? Let me know your thoughts. I’ll have to think about that idea and I promise I will.



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